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The following information was released in the April 2015 “DRUG CRACKDOWN” issue of Natural Magazine International. This issue served as the official media announcement of the UPCA/UPCAA.


By Ben Yosef


Can you guess how many “Natural Bodybuilding” federations there are out there? Ummm, last I checked there were 49. Yea, crazy.

Even when I thought there were only about a dozen I was still uneasy about it. As a fan of the sport I wondered why we can’t just have one federation where all athletes compete and truly determine who is the best?

Then I realized something. After thinking deeply about this, it occurred to me that what was really bothering me was not so much the fact that there are so many federations…what really troubled me was that none of these federations are on the same page with regards to drug testing. Not only do the guidelines and banned substance lists differ from fed to fed, but the execution of guidelines is inconsistent even within each federation. And the penalties or punishments for failing drug tests? It’s a joke.

I launched my magazine company early 2013. It seems funny to say that because when all this started I had zero intention of being any sort of legitimate, respected publication. I was just having fun. However, I quickly realized that what I was doing was filling gaping void in the sport of Natural Bodybuilding. There was basically no legit drug-free publication on the market at that time. And to be honest there still isn’t, other that my company’s magazines.

Over the course of the preceding 2.5 years I have seen it all. I have seen inside of the federations, and I have been in direct contact with thousands of athletes across them all. I have to tell you…what I have seen and heard is enough to make you not even want to be involved in the sport of “Natural Bodybuilding” anymore. It’s that bad.

Here’s the thing… the seat I sit in is relatively insulated. I can and do run my magazine company from the outside. We do not depend or rely on promoters or federations to give us permission to operate. We are an independent news media outfit. So, even if we were blackballed by the federations we would still be able to interview athletes, do stories, features and report the news.

So, yes, we are sort of in a bubble. We are protected and safe as we sit here watching the house burn down. Well, it has gotten to a point where I am not enjoying this sport the way I want to, and used to. And I can no longer sit back while the house is on fire. I have to do something. And, something big.

Legendary Fitness leader, Jim Evans and I have been working tirelessly for the past few months developing a plan to clean up the drug problem in our sport. We have designed an 8-part proposal, each part describing why we need it, the arguments against it, as well as our responses to those arguments. We have done a lot of homework here and hope that you will join us in this effort to enact this plan.

April 2015 “DRUG CRACKDOWN” issue – Natural Magazine International. (please note that all of the “Drug Crackdown” information contained in this issue is detailed on the UPCA website). If you would like the magazine version visit the link above.

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