Eighth UPCAA Athlete Suspension Has Been Issued ‎

Eighth UPCAA Athlete Suspension Has Been Issued ‎

IPL_Square_LogoThe International Physique League (IPL), first (and only) United Physique Competitors Association (UPCA) member organization has issued its eighth athlete suspension after receiving World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) urinalysis results following their 2017 3RD Annual IPL Southern Championship, held on March 25th in Houston, TX.

MEN’S BODYBUILDING OPEN 1st place + IPL PRO CARD winner James Mickles tested positive for Methylhexaneamine. This substance falls under the WADA S6 substance list, and is prohibited for use during competition. As a result, James has been placed on Athlete Suspension.

WADA’s Prohibited In-Competition list includes substances that may not be present in a urine sample, at the time of competition. As a general rule, testing positive for a Substance Prohibited In-Competition carries lesser penalties than WADA’s Prohibited At All Times list. The Prohibited At All Times list list includes substances that may never be present in a urine sample, at any time.

According the United Physique Competitors Anti-doping Agency (UPCAA) policy, testing positive for Methylhexaneamine carries a minimum 1-year suspension. In addition, the athlete is immediately stripped of all titles (placings, Pro Qualified status etc.) and prize any money they may have won. The IPL has issued a 1-year suspension for James Mickles which goes into effect on 4.18.17 and ends on 4.18.18.

Read International Physique League President & Founder, Ben Yosef’s, statement and well as James Mickles’ staetment posted on the IPL official website.